Who We Are

College Equality is a network of experienced college admissions counseling professionals working exclusively with traditional public schools to guide students throughout the college application process, and to collaborate with counselors in preparing useful recommendations and school reports. Our professionals have experience in selective college admissions offices and school-based college counseling. College Equality is a registered nonprofit organization.

Our Mission

At College Equality, our mission is to collaborate with counselors at traditional public school to provide the application and recommendation-writing support necessary to position talented students from under-resourced communities as competitive candidates to selective colleges and universities.

The Problem

Public school counselors are overburdened. The average student-to-counselor ratio in our public schools nationwide is 491:1. Because many public school counselors manage such a large caseload and juggle multiple responsibilities, the school reports and letters of recommendations that selective colleges depend on to identify talented applicants lack the personalized information they need to make informed admission decisions. Increasingly, families who can afford to do so, pay sometimes-exorbitant fees for private counselors to guide their children through the complex college admissions process. The result is inequitable access to the most selective colleges in the country.

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Percentage of time spent on college advising in 54% of school counseling departments nationwide


Average number of students per school counselor in public schools nationwide


Percentage by which chances of admission would increase for low-income students if admission officers had more contextualized information about them

What We Do

College Equality mitigates this problem by tapping into the vast reserve of existing professionals with experience in selective college admissions and/or personalized school-based college advising. Our counselors collaborate with traditional public schools that are located in close proximity to the communities in which they live. We identify potential students in low-wealth public schools and provide personalized college counseling on site. Our counselors get to know students well enough to write the detailed and insightful letters of recommendations that colleges need to identify talented applicants. Additionally, we serve as a resource for counselors and teachers at partner schools, collaborating wherever needed—particularly with respect to the selective college admission process.

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